Choose the Right Cutting Style for Your Products with help from BC&J Manufacturing Inc.

Our facility in Fall River, MA offers everything from die cutting to strip cutting

Whether you're designing new medical bags or carrying cases for your employees, BC&J Manufacturing Inc. can take care of the cutting process for you. From die cutting to strip cutting, our team in Fall River, Massachusetts has experience crafting products of all kinds, in small and large volumes. You can trust us to create products that fit your specific needs and budget.

Trust BC&J Manufacturing to handle your product cutting job. Call us today to discuss your ideas with an expert.

Make the design your own with a custom cutting style

At our facility in Fall River, Massachusetts, we have the capacity to handle both small and large cutting projects. We use several different methods to create our products, including:

  • Spread cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Strip cutting

You can choose your cutting style and create a design that fits your business. Get started on your project with BC&J Manufacturing today by calling 508-678-8520.